The Highlights section of SAGE KE featured a number of components unique to this site. While funding issues have required that a number of these items be discontinued, the Tidbits feature remains accessible on the site, and the Genes/Interventions database is now being hosted at the University of Washington.

The following sections of this page provide information on the contents of each Highlights section.

Trainee Resources (Discontinued)

The SAGE KE Trainee Resources section served graduate students, postdocs, and other investigators new to the field of aging research by providing information and networking opportunities particularly geared to this group. This section has been discontinued owing to funding issues.

Genes/Interventions Database (Relocated)

The Genes/Interventions Database, hosted on SAGE KE through mid-2006, included genes and interventions that have been studied with respect to their effects on life-span or age-related neurological diseases. The database is now being rebuilt at the University of Washington, which will host, maintain, and curate the new release of the database when it is built. We will include information on this site when the new database is released.


The Tidbits area of SAGE KE provides factlets and quips on the lighter side of getting old. Tidbits are included in the SAGE KE search engine.

Knowledge Map (Discontinued)

The Knowledge Map, a graphical browsing and searching tool, was discontinued in early 2006.

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