Literature and News

The Literature and News section of the SAGE KE archive site aggregates the original article content published on the site during its period of active publication, from October 2001 to June 2006. The Virtual Journal feature of the site has been discontinued.

All material in the Literature and News section can be accessed by browsing or by using the SAGE KE search engine. If you're searching the site, you can limit your search to only the Literature and News section by selecting the appropriate radio button in the quick search bar in the left-hand navigation area, or the appropriate checkbox on the Advanced Search page.

The following sections of this page provide information on the contents of each Literature and News section.

New Findings

The New Findings section of SAGE KE included articles that describing recent, newsworthy papers and events. Noteworthy Articles (formerly Noteworthy This Week) were designed to alert users to interesting new papers and help decide which ones were worth a closer look. News Focus stories from SAGE KE's science writing team and scientist-penned Perspectives described the impact of recent discoveries in more depth. And News Synthesis stories were designed to fit several results together and put the results in larger context.


The Overviews section of SAGE KE offered a detailed, broad, or retrospective look at key topics in aging. Here, SAGE KE featured scientist-written Reviews on a wide variety of subjects. Newcomers to the field could explore SAGE KE's Hot Topic Orientations. In these pieces, journalists introduced key and controversial topics with interview as well as background material, allowing scientists to represent themselves in their own words. Also in Overviews were physician-written Neurodegenerative Disease Case Studies about patients who suffer from age-related dementias. These articles described aspects of neurodegeneration from the neurologist's and pathologist's points of view and put a human face on these devastating diseases.


SAGE KE Viewpoints offered firsthand perspectives on various aspects of aging-related research and provided a glimpse of the people behind the science. Subjects for viewpoints included controversial research topics, career turning points, and experiences that shed light on why and how one does science.

Classic Papers

In Classic Papers, SAGE KE highlighted important papers from the literature archives and provided PDF versions of them. This section offered a quick way for users to refresh their historical perspective on aging research and shed old light on unresolved problems.

Science Articles

The Science Articles section of SAGE KE highlighted articles from Science relevant to the field of aging.

Virtual Journal (Discontinued)

The SAGE KE Virtual Journal, a searchable database of literature citations and abstracts relevant to the field of aging, has been discontinued owing to funding issues.

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