The SAGE KE Resources section was designed to provide a range of professional and career development tools for workers in the field of aging. The article content of this section has been retained on this archive site, but more dynamic or "time value" functions have been discontinued.

All article content in the Resources section can be accessed by browsing or by using the SAGE KE search engine. If you're searching the site, you can limit your search to only the Resources section by selecting the appropriate radio button in the quick search bar in the left-hand navigation area, or the appropriate checkbox on the Advanced Search page.

The following sections of this page provide information on the contents of each Resources section.

Experimental Resources

The Experimental Resources section of SAGE KE contained a host of information on experimental goods and services. On this archive site, you can find two features of this section: articles describing Genetically Altered Mice and Experimental Rodent Strains that have been studied in aging-related research. Other items in the Experimental Resources section have been discontinued.

Teaching Resources

The Teaching Resources section includes a collection of tools--including movies, course syllabi, illustrations, pictures, and diagrams--to help make it easier to teach about aging-related research, whether in a graduate student lecture, a discussion with non-science majors, or a talk to the local community.

Bibliography of Books

The books section of SAGE KE provided reviews of a variety of books, from those written for lay auidences to more technical fare.

Aging in the Arts

The Aging in the Arts section of SAGE KE includes depictions of aging in art and literature, from the classical to the contemporary.

Discontinued Sections

The Meetings and Events, Funding Sources, Web Links, and Jobs and Résumés areas of the SAGE KE Resources section have been discontinued owing to funding issues.

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