Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ., 26 June 2002
Vol. 2002, Issue 25, p. nw85
[DOI: 10.1126/sageke.2002.25.nw85]


Other Noteworthy Papers This Week (26 June 2002);2002/25/nw85

Abstract: A. M. Bronikowski, S. C. Alberts, J. Altmann, C. Packer, K. D. Carey, M. Tatar, The aging baboon: Comparative demography in a non-human primate. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 24 June 2002 [e-pub ahead of print]. [Abstract] [Full Text]

L. Bu, Y. Jin, Y. Shi, R. Chu, A. Ban, H. Eiberg, L. Andres, H. Jiang, G. Zheng, M. Qian, B. Cui, Y. Xia, J. Liu, L. Hu, G. Zhao, M. R. Hayden, X. Kong, Mutant DNA-binding domain of HSF4 is associated with autosomal dominant lamellar and Marner cataract. Nat. Genet., 24 June 2002 [e-pub ahead of print]. [Abstract/Full Text]

K. Nakada, T. Ono, J.-I. Hayashi, A novel defense system of mitochondria in mice and human subjects for preventing expression of mitochondrial dysfunction by pathogenic mutant mtDNAs. Mitochondrion, in press, uncorrected proof. [Abstract] [Full Text]

J. Tuo, P. Jaruga, H. Rodriguez, M. Dizdaroglu, V. A. Bohr, The Cockayne syndrome group B gene product is involved in cellular repair of 8-hydroxyadenine in DNA. J. Biol. Chem., 11 June 2002 [e-pub ahead of print]. [Abstract] [Full Text]

K. Watase, E. J. Weeber, B. Xu, B. Antalffy, L. Yuva-Paylor, K. Hashimoto, M. Kano, R. Atkinson, Y. Sun, D. L. Armstrong, J. D. Sweatt, H. T. Orr, R. Paylor, H. Y. Zoghbi, A long CAG repeat in the mouse Sca1 locus replicates SCA1 features and reveals the impact of protein solubility on selective neurodegeneration. Neuron 34, 905-919 (2002). [Abstract] [Full Text]

Citation: Other Noteworthy Papers This Week (26 June 2002). Science's SAGE KE (26 June 2002),;2002/25/nw85

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