Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ., 21 August 2002
Vol. 2002, Issue 33, p. nw115
[DOI: 10.1126/sageke.2002.33.nw115]


Other Noteworthy Papers This Week

(21 August 2002);2002/33/nw115

Abstract: P. L. Opresko, C. von Kobbe, J.-P. Laine, J. Harrigan, I. D. Hickson, V. A. Bohr, Telomere binding protein TRF2 binds to and stimulates the Werner and Bloom syndrome helicases. J. Biol. Chem., 13 August 2002 [e-pub ahead of print]. [Abstract] [Full Text]

F. Urano, M. Calfon, T. Yoneda, C. Yun, M. Kiraly, S. G. Clark, D. Ron, A survival pathway for Caenorhabditis elegans with a blocked unfolded protein response. J. Cell Biol. 158, 639-646 (2002). [Abstract] [Full Text]

Citation: Other Noteworthy Papers This Week. Science's SAGE KE (21 August 2002),;2002/33/nw115

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