Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ., 9 March 2005
Vol. 2005, Issue 10, p. nf19
[DOI: 10.1126/sageke.2005.10.nf19]


Early Warning

Memory fades when {beta} amyloid accumulates inside neurons

R. John Davenport

Abstract: Garbage outside a restaurant can attract rats, but a sloppy kitchen inside might be riskier for diners. Similarly, new work shows that mice suffer memory loss when an Alzheimer's disease protein accumulates in their neurons, before they develop plaques outside brain cells. The finding bolsters the idea that intracellular protein buildup, rather than extracellular clumping, instigates the disease.

Citation: R. J. Davenport, Early Warning. Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ. 2005 (10), nf19 (2005).

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