Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ., 26 October 2005
Vol. 2005, Issue 43, p. nf83
[DOI: 10.1126/sageke.2005.43.nf83]


Trapped Inside

Pumping-protein failure might spur Alzheimer's disease

Mitch Leslie

Abstract: It's a familiar-sounding scenario: Pumps that are the last defense against a rising tide falter, leading to a toxic buildup. It happened in New Orleans, compounding the damage from Hurricane Katrina, and it might also occur in Alzheimer's disease (AD). A new study suggests that disabling a protein that shuttles molecules out of the brain promotes the accumulation of noxious AD-associated plaques. Drugs that accelerate pumping might protect against the illness, the results suggest.

Citation: M. Leslie, Trapped Inside. Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ. 2005 (43), nf83 (2005).

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