Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ., 28 June 2006
Vol. 2006, Issue 10, p. or13


Comment on "HST2 Mediates SIR2-Independent Life-Span Extension by Calorie Restriction"

Matt Kaeberlein, Kristan K. Steffen, Di Hu, Nick Dang, Emily O. Kerr, Mitsuhiro Tsuchiya, Stanley Fields, and Brian K. Kennedy

Abstract: Science 312, 1312 (2006).

Calorie restriction (CR) increases life span in yeast independently of Sir2. Lamming et al. (Reports, 16 September 2005, p. 1861) recently proposed that Sir2-independent life-span extension by CR is mediated by the Sir2 paralogs Hst1 and Hst2. Contradictory to this, we find that CR greatly increases life span in cells lacking Sir2, Hst1, and Hst2, which suggests that CR is not mediated by Sir2, Hst2, or Hst1.

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