Sci. Aging Knowl. Environ., 5 June 2002
Vol. 2002, Issue 22, p. pe8
[DOI: 10.1126/sageke.2002.22.pe8]


Puzzling Over Research on Aging

Arjumand Ghazi

The author is at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR), Bangalore 560 065, Karnataka, India. E-mail: aghazi{at};2002/22/pe8

Key Words: crossword • aging • research • clues

"Life must be lived as play." --Plato (427-347 B.C.) Crossword puzzles have long been used to test one's knowledge of various kinds of information. In fact, a "word square" was found in the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii. If you've struggled with crossword puzzles in the past, here is one that might be right up your alley. The topic is aging-related research.

The clues are listed below. The crossword square can be found here. And when you're ready for the answers, they can be found here. Good luck!

Crossword Clues

Please note:

  • Mutants are written without numbers. For example, Clk-1 is written as clk.
  • Scientists' names are written as the last name followed by the first letter of the first name (for example, Alfred Nobel is written NobelA).
  • When the answer is a short form of a word, it is indicated cryptically in the clue.
  • For ease, anagrams--where used--have the first letters of the relevant word(s) capitalized.
  • The number of letters in an answer is shown in parentheses after the clue. When an answer consists of more than one word, the number of letters in each word is given.


1. The time for which one saw the Flea Spin. (4, 4)

4. She was right On Key 'N Course of aging. (6, 1)

6. Baker got knighted for deacetylation skills. (3)

9. Run, Neo! for the brain cell that regulates aging. (6)

10. Flowers' youth and premature aging disease in man. (6)

11. Methoprene mimics it with ease to enhance life in short form. (2)

12. Under which rest is difficult and aging fast. (6)

13. Increased circles of this genetic material accelerate deterioration. (4)

19. Sir gave him fame with age in Boston. (8, 1)

20. Mutant identified in the first screen for extended longevity conducted in worms. (3)

22. Flies respond to sweets with this. (3)

24. Feline control of ubiquinone biosynthesis. (3)

26. Fabrizio's mutant that increases life of stationary cells. (3)

27. Gulliver's short, ageless, model friend? (4, 5)

33. Onset of early aging? Pore Or Dig the disorders! (9)

34. Scene repeated twice in old age. (10)

35. The elegant ramp crawler. (4)

36. An insect to Hoard endless Spoils of genetic research? (10)

37. He unravelled the age of the clock from Canada. (6, 1)

38. A Last Ace to fight free radicals. (8)


1. Give Tylon a length of life to walk on? (9)

2. Family of cerebral cutlery proteins at the core of age determination. (8)

3. Spanish voyager went looking for fountain of youth and found Florida instead. (5, 2, 4)

4. Greek goddess spins the thread of life in rodents. (6)

5. Fermenter gave some direction to research. (5)

7. Species--shortened--preyed upon by dismutases and others. (3)

8. Mo Used it, endlessly, as a mammalian model. (5)

14. Havoc that free radicals cause in respiration. (9, 6)

15. Gang I know that comes with the sickle of time to ravage all. (5)

16. A Rude resistant life form. (5)

17. Worm counterparts of human insulin. (3)

18. Wizard of ageless Caltech flies. (6, 1)

21. Biblical son of Enoch prolonged Icelanders' life. (10)

23. A Choice small, diabetic fly that has no end. (5)

25. It Grows to lose end and belongs to the clk family. (3)

28. Syndrome caused by a defective DNA helicase. (7)

29. Human gene that is related to 27 across. (4)

30. Long-lived hermaphrodite has no gametes to show. (3)

31. Hey! I'm still alive! Paraphrased, shortened, and in a fly. (4)

32. Transcriptional regulator that mediates stress-induced gene expression. (3)

36. The Fad is to sleep for long periods. (3)

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Fig. 1. Crossword queen, Arjumand Ghazi, in the lab.

June 5, 2002

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