SAGE KE Bulletin Board

Eukarion antioxidant efficacy in Flies

6 June 2002

Matt Kaeberlein

Dr. Melov,

I wonder if you could comment on a couple of questions I have. First, if the drugs are not bioavailable orally, why do the authors observe a decrease in fly life span at dosages similar to those used in C. elegans? Clearly, the drugs are having some effect on the flies. Second, you cite several studies on rodents. Do you have any data about the life span of wild type mice treated with these drugs? These experiments must have been done by now and would much more directly address the ability of these drugs to affect aging in rodents. Third, do you have any solid evidence about the mechanism of action for life span extension by the EUK drugs in C. elegans? Do the drugs actually get into the cells or are they just detoxifying radicals in the gut? Perhaps the drugs are simply affecting ROS production by the E. coli in the media?

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