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Quest for general theory of aging - Information update

9 July 2002

Leonid A Gavrilov

Dear Colleagues,

This is an information update to my earlier posting to this Discussion Group (Bulletin Board):

"Quest for General Theory of Aging" 20 December 2001 display/short/sageke_el;44?section=Q&A

Since that time (December, 2001), two new publications came out, which are relevant to the topic of this discussion:

"The Quest for the Theory of Human Longevity." The Actuary, 2002, 36(5): 10-13. Full text is also available online at:

"Aging, In Theory: A Personal Pursuit" The Scientist, 2002, 16(10): 20. Full text is also available online at:

Perhaps this new publications could be useful for further possible discussion.

Best wishes,

Leonid Gavrilov

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