SAGE KE Bulletin Board

Commerical Opportunities in the Biology of Aging

14 August 2002

Brian P. Chiko

Dear SAGE KA readers, As you may have read, there are significant new opportunities in the commmercialization of significant advances in the biology of aging (see "Gero-Tech" Sprouts, But Will It Bloom? article of July 17, 2002). Several colleagues from Stanford University and myself have recently formed a new market research and intelligence company that helps new ventures start companies in this field, and provides detailed market research in this field. Lastly, we complement SAGE KE with a free bi-weekly (twice monthly) newsletter on the commercialization advances in the industry. You might think of us as the pharmaceutical-focused business equivalent to SAGE KA's scientific research focus. Our news web site and newsletter can be viewed at: Our corporate web site is at Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Best regards, Brian Chiko President The Juvensa Group

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