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Anti-Aging Science -- New Supporting Published Reference

25 August 2002

Leonid A Gavrilov


This is a short note for colleagues, who may be interested in references to scientific peer-reviewed publications, which support the idea of scientific legitimacy of anti-aging studies (as opposed to attempts to discredit them).

Here is a new supporting published reference:

Scientific Legitimacy of the Term "Anti-Aging." Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, 2002, 5(2): 239-240. Full text available at:

Hope it helps.

If you know any other new scientific publications on related topic this information would be greatly appreciated -- such a collection of supporting scientific references could be useful.

Best wishes,

Leonid Gavrilov


Dr. Leonid A. Gavrilov, Center on Aging NORC/University of Chicago 1155 East 60th Street Chicago, IL 60637-2745 USA Fax: (773) 256-6313, Phone: (773) 256-6359 FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT OUR SCIENTIFIC WEBSITE :

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