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Impetus for Studying Aging?

19 September 2002

Matt Kaeberlein

Hi Elaine,

I started studying aging as a graduate student in Lenny Guarente's lab at MIT. Lenny's lab was focused almost exclusively on the molecular causes of aging in the budding yeast at the time I started graduate school. I had originally intended to work on something related to structural biology for my Ph.D. thesis, but became intrigued with yeast aging after hearing a talk that Lenny gave. So I guess it was the intrinsic appeal of the specialty that got me into the field.

Over time that evolved into a more fundamental interest in human aging. I am currently working for Longenity Inc. , a biotechnology company focused on identifying molecular biomarkers of human aging. I am excited by how rapidly the field is progressing, and I'm hopeful that the near future will see the development of interventions to slow aging and prolong people's lives.

I suppose most scientists would say the same thing about their research, but I can't imagine working in a field more interesting and important than this one.

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