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Alzheimer´┐Żs disease revisited: Q & A on some basic issues

23 September 2002

iskandar m i basal

I liked both the discussion by Dr.chen and the comment of Dr.Martin. Dr. Martin is right the discussion has a nice style, the Q&A . I live in Italy and i will search for the Galileo book in Italian language . It should be very interesting to read it , and Galileo is also considered one of high level literature . Dr.Chen talk about the deposition of lipids that occur in a young as a result of a gene mutation and that that occur in the elderly as a result of the aging process comparing this with what occur in the early onset AD and the late onset dementia . I have only a basic and few knowledge about the subject that usually is given by medical schools for graduation and i intend to go further . I thought about the probable importance of chronobiology as also a basic of the aging mechanisms . If a gene mutation may explain a disease in a younger age then what about the rate of action of a gene through decades ? Do genes have the same rhythm over time ? Or do they slow down by aging ? Certainly genetics can give us answers about the quantitive rate of gene action. Certainly the environmental factors have their important role ,the risk factors talked about by Dr.Chen . If they interact to precipitate the condition . There is another question i'd like to ask , Dr. Chen does not give her idea about the vaccine , actually under trial . I beg your pardon all for my english, not always correct, and for being not deeply prepared on the subject .

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