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Impetus for Studying Aging?

30 September 2002

pankaj kapahi

Hi Elaine,

I am a post doc in Seymour Benzer's lab and was a graduate student under my mentors Tom Kirkwood and Gordon Lithgow. I am currently studying how genes modulate lifespan in response to nutritional changes. My graduate thesis was on studying why different mammalian species have such a range of lifespan.

I got interested in studying aging when I was 17 as I felt it was one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. I feel it is a unique and mysterious problem which lies at the heart of our understanding a number of age-related diseases like cancer, neurodgeneration and cardiovascular diseases. I think we are presently at the verge of making some important discoveries in this field and it is perhaps the most growing and exciting area in sciences. My interest in it is a mix of both interest in human aging and the intrinsic appeal of the phenomena. I feel that it is both a challenge for mankind and medicine and it is intellectually engrossing. My interest has grown in it over time and it is exciting to see so much enthusiasm in this field.

Pankaj kapahi

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