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SAGE KE Bulletin Board

Eukarion antioxidant efficacy in Flies

5 December 2002

Florian Muller

Dear Simon,

Thanks for taking the time to clarify this issue! I am wondering: Wouldn't it be simplest to settle this issue of oral bioavailability by checking whether the EUK compunds can rescue an sod1 deficient mutant in Drosophila (or I guess now there is a sod2 knockdown)?

Since the oral bioavailability is low in mammals, does this mean you have to inject them for the entirety of the lifespan (when doing aging studies)?

I am pretty sure you always do your rescues in the B6D2 F2 right? Did you get a smaller/larger rescue with the EUK's when doing this in the C57 or DBA?



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