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SAGE KE Bulletin Board

Re: Record for oldest mouse

10 October 2001

Aubrey de Grey

I haven't heard of any Mus musculus exceeding 1407 days without either CR or a single-gene mutation. However, I've been involved recently in discussions aimed at setting up a prize for just such a record. The presently proposed prize structure, on which feedback would be most welcome, is described at .

The main difference is that at present the plan does not bar the use of CR or single-gene mutations. This is partly for practical reasons (deciding whether a very mild reduction in caloric intake counts; the possibility of spontaneous - or simply undeclared! - loss-of-function mutations), and partly because further extending the lifespan of mice that have already been made very long-lived (e.g. by CR) may be more informative, at least in respect of relevance to long-lived species such as humans, than doing so to shorter-lived ones.

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