SAGE KE Bulletin Board

Re: Lifespan of Drosophila Mn SOD -/- and +/-

10 October 2001

Aubrey de Grey

I know of no report on the lifespan of Sod2+/- flies; Sod2-/- seems to be embryonic lethal, and the evidence is consistent with Sod2+/- also being lethal. However, at my suggestion Kevin Cook of the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center is currently trying to generate flies carrying a deficiency for Sod2 in the background of a Sod2 transgene, which may rescue the supposed haplolethality. (This is as part of a funded project to increase the coverage of the Drosophila "deficiency kit".) If he succeeds, subsequent manipulation of the transgene will tell us whether Sod2 is really haplolethal, among other things. The groups of Phillips, Tower and (I think) Sohal have provided transgenic lines for this project.

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