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J. Anti-Aging Medicine now indexed in PubMed

7 August 2003

Aubrey de Grey

Apologies if this comes out with no formatting -- the submission software doesn't seem to like my browser. I have just heard from Michael Fossel, editor, that the Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine has now been accepted by Index Medicus -- i.e. that its articles will now appear in PubMed. Indexing will be from the first issue of 2003. This very welcome development will much enhance the attraction of JAAM to authors of high-quality gerontology articles, especially those with an intervention-oriented emphasis. Send your manuscripts to: Michael Fossel, M.D., Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Professor of Medicine, Michigan State University, 9464 Conservation, Ada, MI 49301, USA. Instructions for authors can be found at: Aubrey de Grey JAAM editorial board member

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