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SAGE KE Bulletin Board

New special 'Longevity' issue of "Social Biology"

4 January 2004

Dr. Leonid A Gavrilov


I thought you might be interested to know about new special issue of the journal "Social Biology" devoted to the problems of human longevity. Details are attached below.

Best wishes for the New Year !

Kind regards,

-- Leonid Gavrilov
Author of the book "The Biology of Life Span"
SOCIAL BIOLOGY, 49 (3-4): FAL-WIN 2002 (Released just recently):


Biodemography: Consilience in action - An introduction to a special issue of Social Biology

The effect of the nurturant bonding system on child security of attachment and dependency

Genealogical data and the biodemography of human longevity
--- (Full text here)

Parents' age at birth of their offspring and child survival

Fertility and post-reproductive longevity

Individual aging and mortality rate: How are they related?

Between nurture and nature: The shifting determinants of female fertility in Danish twin cohorts

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