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New "Engineered Negligible Senescence" book

19 June 2004

Dr. Leonid A. Gavrilov, Ph.D.

-- Greetings,

This is a short note and update about the following new book forthcoming this month:

"Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence:
Why Genuine Control of Aging May Be Foreseeable"
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 1019, June 2004, 597 pages

[ISBN 1-57331-496-X, Proceedings of the 10th Congress of the International Association of Gerontology]

Here are some more details (including a nice cover of the book):

They already accept book orders ( Item Code 0413) at:

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-- Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D.
Author of the book "The Biology of Life Span"


Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence
Why Genuine Control of Aging May Be Foreseeable

Edited by Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England)

This volume focuses squarely on the fact that, as a result of a wide range of advances over recent years, increasingly many specialists in the biology of aging are revising their traditional view that mammalian aging will remain essentially immutable for many decades to come. This is exemplified by three carefully argued analyses of the current state of biomedical gerontology published recently by a variety of experts in fields spanning most major aspects of mammalian aging. We are therefore at an unprecedented turning point in the study of aging, in which the curiosity-driven, exploratory research that has justifiably monopolized the field until now can at last be legitimately accompanied by goal-directed, biotechnological efforts, rationally designed on the basis of solid scientific knowledge. The purpose of this volume is to consolidate that advance by making those at the forefront of each aspect of aging and its control more aware of each other's work and by drawing attention to the comprehensiveness, and therefore the potential efficacy, of foreseeable anti-aging biotechnology.

Proceedings of the 10th Congress of the International Association of Biomedical Gerontology (IABG), September 19-23, 2003, Queens' College, Cambridge, UK

Volume 1019
ISBN 1-57331-496-X
597 pages
110 papers
June 2004
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