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Linking Bionics with Reliability Theory on Aging

28 September 2004

Dr. Leonid A Gavrilov, Ph.D.


This is a response to interesting posting by Rainer Spiegel entitled "Linking Bionics with Reliability Theory on Aging."

I thought that perhaps it may be useful for the purpose of further discussion to provide an exact reference for the new published discussed article, as well as the weblinks to its full text:

"Why We Fall Apart.
Engineering's Reliability Theory Explains Human Aging."
IEEE Spectrum, 2004, 41(9): 30-35. *

Full text is available online at:

Hope it helps. Looking forward for further comments!

Kind regards,

-- Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D.
Author of the book "The Biology of Life Span"

* P.S.: "IEEE Spectrum" is the flagship monthly journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) -- an organization of technologists with about 360 000 members world-wide.

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