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Old mice for better anti-aging survival tests

16 June 2006

Edouard H Debonneuil

Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest to the community a simple but possibly fruitful concept for anti-aging interventions:

I clearly see 3 major benefits:

1. Adequacy for anti-aging interventions destined to adults/aged persons.
2. Possibility to see short-term positive effects
3. Gain of time

Here are some examples

1. Caloric restriction currently seems detrimental in mammals when started at old age; what if mosts previous anti-aging discoveries, tested with young animals, were similarly dangerous for elderlies ?
2. Food is good... if you don't eat the same everyday. Similarly, therapies may be good for some time, and then you should alternate therapies. Such a transient positive effect would not be seen in young animals were lifespan naturally remains at 100%
3. If you concentrate on the "dying ages", your lifespan duration (and associated risk) is easily divided by 3. This enables faster transpositions to humans and tackles the duration barrier for new comers.

SAGE KE: what's next ?

In fact, I was about to submit a paper with the concept (more in details and with practical aspects) to SAGE KE, but SAGE KE is ending, so I was suggested to write here.
I'll choose another journal, but it seems to me that no journal exists that is dedicated to biogerontology/anti-aging biology, with an associated community (you), accessible from medline. Ideally that journal would have free access.
Am I wrong? Anybody wanting/able to organize such a journal? I realize that this should probably be another item in the bulletin.

I would appreciate your comments on the concept/journal.

Edouard (from France)

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