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Correction and Clarification

3 July 2006

Shi V. Liu

A copy of the above message was sent to Dr. de Gree after its posting on this bulletin. Dr. de Gree responded me immediately. From the communications with him, I realized that I might have incorrectly characterized his behavior of not responding to my submission to MIT Technol. Rev. In his words, “The editor of Technology Review decided not to ask me to submit a response to your submission to the SENS Challenge”. I trusted this statement as a true reflection of the reality and emailed him an apology for my misunderstanding of the competition process in MIT Technol. Rev. and my mischaracterization of his action.

On the bright side, the direct communication between me and de Gree has led to an agreement that he will response to my essay. However, the location of the publication and his response will be determined later after MIT Technol. Rev. announces its outcome of the first round competition and the decision on my submission. MIT Technol. Rev. has scheduled to make its announcement on the SENS competition result by July 12th, 2006. So the publication decision on my debate with de Gree will be made very soon.

Shi V. Liu

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