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Re: Bravo! The kind of things I was searching for

23 March 2002

Leonid Gavrilov

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your interest. You can learn more about exceptional human longevity and related issues in the following scientific, peer- reviewed journal:

Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., ISSN: 1094- 5458)

Some free issues of this Journal are available online:

Issue 1 Issue 2

This Journal has a distinguished scientific Editorial Board.

The journal is published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., a major New York Publisher of more than 40 scientific and medical journals:

Although the story about exceptional longevity of Hunza people was not supported by hard scientific evidence, there are many other exciting scientific studies on exceptional human longevity -- see, for example, Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, 2001, vol. 4, No. 4, pages 411-413.

Hope it helps. Thank you for your interest!

Best wishes

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