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RE: Textbook for Biology of Aging

20 October 2001

Robert DePugh

Thanks for the reply-- I'll have to look at the Finch book again-- I know I read part of it but as I remember now, it seems that I was so unimpressed that I didn't take time to finish it. ?? will let you know later. Hayflick had the bad luck to publish his book just prior to some important developments that made it seem very incomplete-- although some was added as "forward" in the last edition.

At 78 years, I'm sort of a "pro se" biochemist with a life-time of research on aging. I's hard to keep up, as fast as things move now but I think I have some small advantage in not only knowing a little bit about where we are now but with a lot of first hand knowledge as to how we got here.-- Good luck on the book. It's needed.

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