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SAGE KE Bulletin Board

Anti-Aging Science

17 April 2002

Jennifer Fuller

I think that those of you who are studying vitamin E therapy and cardiovascular aging will find the recently publisheed paper to be of interest:

van der Loo B, Labugger R, Aebischer CP, Skepper JN, Bachschmid M, Spitzer V, Kilo J, Altwegg L, Ullrich V, Luscher TF. Cardiovascular Aging is Associated with Vitamin E Increase. Circulation, 105, 1635-1638 (2002).

Summary: As animals age, there is an age-associated, increased demand for antioxidant activity. In the experiments in this paper, 70x higher levels of the antioxidant vitamin E were detected in the aortic vessel of old animals as compared to young animals. These data suggest that older animals on a normal, unsupplemented diet may respond to oxidative stress by building up high concentrations of vitamin E in tissues that are highly susceptable to oxidative stress.

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