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Hot Topic Orientations
These stories will introduce you to a variety of important concepts and controversies in the field. The pieces combine an introductory review format with interview material to expose you to a large numb er of viewpoints in the experts' own words--within a framework that makes the comments meaningful. We hope these articles will help bring you up to speed, provide background and inspiration for fellowship applications, and smooth your way into new areas.

Disease Overviews
These Neurodegenerative Disease Case Studies and Reviews will introduce you to specific age-related disorders. The case studies are patient histories and pathology reports written by clinicians, and the reviews are in-depth pieces about recent findings written by scientists.


Meet Researchers in the Field

Bulletin Board
Pull up a chair and let down your hair. Here's a chance to explore issues with your peers, share your experiences, and ask for advice. Your message will appear as soon as you post it.
  • What are your thoughts about lab management styles? As a PI, do you plan to have a big lab or a small lab? Will you stay abreast of the daily experiments going on in your lab or check in with your students and postdocs when they give group meetings?
  • Why are you involved in aging-related research? What are your views on the ethics associated with this endeavor?
  • How is the field of aging changing? How is the field perceived by researchers outside it? How do these issues affect your professional life?

The Scientists Down the Hall
Discover the people behind the papers by reading personal essays and profiles.
  • Racing Against Time Physician-researcher Leslie Gordon was set for a career in pediatric ophthalmology until her son was diagnosed with a rare illness that mimics some aspects of aging. Ingfei Chen
  • A Life of Fusion Olivia Pereira-Smith came from India, learned American science, and forged a lifelong research partnership studying cell aging. Ingfei Chen
  • Wind at His Back Trey Powers has been sailing at full speed into gerontology research since the age of 14. Ingfei Chen
  • Tying It Together Whether he's seeing elderly patients, crunching population data, or testing evolutionary theories of aging, Rudi Westendorp and his hallmark bow tie make a statement. Ingfei Chen
  • Vintage Gerontology Judith Campisi, former folksinger and current wine buff, harvests knowledge from aging cells. Ingfei Chen
  • Mission (Not) Impossible Nir Barzilai�s service in the Israeli Defense Forces provided superb training for his subsequent life as a scientist. Ingfei Chen
  • Focusing on the Big Picture Neurobiologist and photographer Adam Gazzaley uses different lenses to view brain aging and the natural world. Ingfei Chen
  • The Mouse That Roared Andrzej Bartke investigates aging in mouse varieties great and small. Ingfei Chen
  • Chasing 100 Thomas Perls has been running after centenarians to learn what keeps them ticking. Ingfei Chen
  • Science on the Fly Former bike racer and high school teacher Marc Tatar almost walked away from a career in the evolutionary biology of aging. Ingfei Chen
  • Renaissance Woman Nadia Rosenthal stretches her muscles as head of EMBL's mouse research center near Rome. Ingfei Chen
  • Great Expectations Florian Muller is determined to figure out how free radicals contribute to aging. Ingfei Chen
  • The Networker Brian Clark loves brainstorming on scientific collaborations at conferences. But don't keep him from catching Liverpool's latest soccer match. Ingfei Chen
  • The Accidental Biologist Eugenia Wang picked up tips for running her lab by reading the biographies of military leaders. Ingfei Chen
  • All That Jazz Saxophone or microscope? Worm geneticist Adam Antebi handles both instruments with flair. Ingfei Chen
  • Mindful of Metal Researchers have exonerated aluminum pans as the cause of Alzheimer's disease; Ashley Bush has built a case against other forms of metals. Mitch Leslie
  • Shooting for the Stars When Bridget Williams isn't investigating how cells keep telomeres in check, she's urging fellow students forward on their scientific trajectories. Ingfei Chen
  • Wake-Up Call Aubrey de Grey raises eyebrows by arguing that interventions that reverse aging could work in mice before the end of the decade. Ingfei Chen
  • Listening to the Song of Senescence Caleb Finch's work has been one riff after another on the theme of aging. Ingfei Chen
  • Endless Drive Geneticist Vicki Lundblad charges full steam ahead in her studies of how chromosomes sustain their ends. Ingfei Chen
  • Hungry for Science Edward Masoro, whose pioneering research has probed how eating less can lengthen life-span, thrives on a diet rich in scientific exploration. Ingfei Chen
  • Rookie Rising Matt Kaeberlein went from first-year grad student to biotech exec in just 4 years. Ingfei Chen
  • Ageless Activist Paola Timiras has advocated for education about aging since the '60s. Ingfei Chen
  • Head Rush Neuroendocrinologist William Sonntag grooves on growth hormone. Ingfei Chen
  • The Drifter A sinuous pathway has led Gary Ruvkun to probe how C. elegans grows old. Ingfei Chen
  • Taming Lions, Unleashing a Career He trained lions--until one trained him. Steven Austad
  • Beer and Aging Brewing a career. Mitch McVey
  • Realizing Wisdom A student hits the stacks and wakes up to his teacher's insight. S. Jay Olshansky
  • From a Quick Comeback to a Career A stressful moment in an interview bears unanticipated insight. Nuno Arantes-Oliveira



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