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Literature & News

During the site's period of active publication, from 2001 to 2006, the SAGE KE site posted original news, review, and commentary articles, as well as articles from other publications via its Virtual Journal function. Although the Virtual Journal has been discontinued owing to funding constraints, the remainder of the site's article content remains available on this archive site.

New Findings


Other Articles

New FindingsArticles from 2001 to 2006, offering news coverage or scientific analysis of recent findings in aging-related research.

Noteworthy Articles

Formerly called Noteworthy This Week, this section included lists of recent papers of interest that were not covered elsewhere on the site, as well as short news articles.


In-depth pieces about recent findings; written by scientists.

News Focus

Stories about notable findings, people, and events that included interview material; written by science journalists.

News Synthesis

Stories about notable findings, people, and events that included interview material; written by science journalists.

OverviewsBroad treatments of topics in aging, written by scientists, journalists, and physicians.


Detailed, broad articles that review timely topics of interest; written by scientists.

Hot Topic Orientations

Introductory reviews on key subjects that contain interview material; written by science journalists.

Neurodegenerative Disease Case Studies

Patient histories and pathology reports; written by physicians.

Other Articles


Pieces that offered first-person perspectives on various aspects of aging-related research and provided a glimpse of the people behind the science.

Classic Papers

Historical (pre-1990) articles on aging.

Science Articles

Abstracts that link to articles published in Science.

Virtual Journal (Discontinued)

The Virtual Journal, which provided a searchable database of literature citations and abstracts relevant to the field of aging, is no longer being maintained on the SAGE KE site.

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