From 2001 to 2006, SAGE KE offered a variety of resources for professionals in the field of aging research, both for bench work and for other professional arenas such as teaching and career development.

Experimental Resources

Other Resources

Discontinued Sections

  • Meetings and Events
  • Funding Sources
  • Web Links
  • Jobs and Résumés

Experimental Resources

Genetically Altered Mice

General data and write-ups on genetically altered mice important in aging-related research.

Experimental Rodent Strains

General data and write-ups on rodent strains important in aging-related research.

Other Resources

Teaching Resources

A collection of tools--including movies, course syllabi, illustrations, pictures, and diagrams--to help make teaching easier.

Bibliography of Books

Reviews of aging-related writings, from technical monographs to books aimed at a lay audience.

Aging in the Arts

Depictions of aging in art and literature, from the classical to the contemporary.

Discontinued Sections

The Meetings and Events, Funding Sources, Web Links, and Jobs and Résumés sections of SAGE KE have been discontinued.

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