Articles on Experimental Issues in Aging Research

Genetically Altered Mice: Descriptions of Strains Used in Aging-Related Research

Experimental Rodent Strains: Descriptions of Strains Used in Aging-Related Research

Sources of Rodents Used in Aging Research

Compendium of Nonhuman Primate Sources: Assembled by the National Institute on Aging

Cell Lines

Tissue Sources

  • Biosample, Inc. A Web site for a commercial venture that provides a guide to finding biological supplies and samples. It has a special service to help researchers find rare human tissue samples.
  • ProMedDx, LLC  Extensive specimen repository of human biologicals including tissues, serum, plasma, whole blood, and urine isolated from patients suffering from a wide variety of diseases.
  • SkinEthic in vitro Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratories  Reconstitution of human epidermis and epithelia for in vitro pharmacology and toxicity testing.
  • The Jackson Laboratory--Resources  Operates the world's largest repository of frozen mouse embryos. The Mouse DNA Resource extracts, purifies, preserves, and distributes high-quality DNA from JAX mice.

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